Sunday, November 6

And the groomsmen wore... Weekend #44

Inclusive of ours, we have four weddings within the family this year! Wheee.... The happiness is incredibly infectious =)

This weekend, my cousin, Barry got married. It was the second wedding out of the four and having just recovered from the fatigue of planning one, it felt majorly satisfying to attend their wedding and bask in their joy.

Probably the funniest groomsmen/ gatecrashing outfit I have ever seen. Irene, sorry, man boobs are not part of the package.

My cousin’s kid, Victoria. Fishball cheeks = effing cute

Behind the couple's backs

The bride and her chi-wah-wah (gown)

True colours revealed at the photobooth

Cam-whoring - entertainment before dinner

Le menu at Ritz Carlton. Like airplane food, wedding banquet dishes are alot better these days.

Next day at PS Cafe

A dense, squishy carrot cake to ward off drowsiness and prep myself for work. Reminds me of those steamed kueh slash cake. No harm done, there is enough room in my world for different kinds of carrot cake.

Congrats again, cousin!

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