Wednesday, November 23

And Diana became Mrs Foo

2 weeks ago, he said, "Happy 11.11.11. You will always be my #1."

Later she replied, "Happy 20.11.2011. You will always be my #1 
even when we are 2 (too) 0 (old) to remember."

The blushing, beautiful bride got married on 20.11.2011

The gorgeous gown

Fellow bridesmaids Zee, Michelle and Diana's sister, Vivian

The bridal bouquet

My day pearls

Me, Diana and Zee

Weapon of mass humiliation

The groom reciting the love contract

Just in case you are curious - Andrew, the groom

Church ceremony

The ring to rule him all

Us cam whoring

Lady in red

Stunning wedding cake with peonies (psst, dinner was at Peony Jade)

My evening pearls

Kw and I

Yang and I

The couple giving their thank-you speech

Group shot

One more to capture the moment


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pearls! :)

Anonymous said...

nice pearls!where u bgt it?

yx said...

thank you!

the day pearls are from taipei and the evening pearls are from hong kong =)

Diana said...

Yay! :)

Diana said...

Yay! Thanks for making it a fab day!

Zhu said...

Wahahah! Love those pearls!!

But I love KW's face in the photo even more... it totally says - "I got THIS girl fellas! Take that!"

Followed by protective grip. HAHAHA.