Wednesday, August 10

Cedele's Beetroot Burger


Ever since Zee introduced Cedele’s Beetroot Burger to me, I have been back at Cedele twice just for this. How can this meatless, cheeseless, sin-free burger have such a hold over me?

The innards of this burger consist of beetroot and potato patties, sliced avocados and a mix of Indian-ish spices; our choice of the ciabatta graciously moistened with a slather of chilli jam and mayonnaise. I don’t know why or how but everything just melds together like one big tree-hugging, hippie community.

Have you seen snippets of Food Network Asia’s The Best Thing I Ever Ate? Well, if I were ever on it and raving love sonnets about something, this would probably be The Best Thing I Ever Ate – I Can’t Believe it’s Not Beef Burger.

Be still, my beet-ing heart.

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Hazel Hearts said...

ADDICTED to Cedele's beet burger too! Amazingly chunky & wholesome with beets (:

Oh btw, I recently found an organic beet patty from Olive & Green web so I could grill some at home!