Sunday, May 2

Madame Figaro


Yesterday after dinner, I arrived home to find a brown envelope in the mail. I don't get brown envelopes or parcels very often so that immediately made me think, Hey there. Pervert *cough

I was gobsmacked to find an issue of Madame Figaro within and I immediately knew who it was from. Even though I can't put a single sentence together - even after 20 lessons of basic Japanese, I was flippin' excited about this magazine which happens to be one of my favourite magazines in the entire world - the other being the now out-of-print Domino magazine. Rationing the joy, I allowed myself to browse through half the magazine that very evening and the other half this morning. Not blogging about food really reveals how weird I can be.

All the way from Tokyo, then Hong Kong... oh Madame Figaro, I could hug you to sleep.

Thank you D.


Diana said...

:) yay. you're welcome

zee said...

i ration my magazine reads too! haha. we're weird, together :)