Tuesday, February 23

Weekend at Epicurious


Pancakes, egg Benedict, French toast This ratatouille omelette from Epicurious would probably not qualify for the Mean Girls consortium of Brunch High School. Still, it was weekend-worthy.

Upskirt pose of the egg-white omelette slathered with ratatouille "chap".

I like Epicurious. If only the oval dining table was on sale.

60 Robertson Quay
Tel: 6734 7720


Anonymous said...

hi yixiao. I think you write marvellously well and being an avid fan of your blog....I wish you eternal success in your witty writing and decadent eating sprees! Since you've tried and tested a good number of restaurants in Singapore, can I tweak your brain for some recommendations? One of my resolutions this year is to bring my 80-plus-year-old dad out more frequently to savour his much loved foods: bread and crispy bacon. He is a major major bread and cheese man....Besides Petes Place, Cedele's soup and bread set and the usual bread table at buffets, where else can I get a really delicious complementary refillable bread basket that starts off a meal? being 80, my dad doesn't eat much so buffets are really wasted on him if he just eats the bread.

As for the crispy bacon, im talking about super duper crispy bacon that you can only find at greasy diners in the States....i can't seem to find those in Singapore. They are always limp fried Canadian bacon or very dehydrated artifical turkey bacon.

Thanks so much in advance.

David Koh said...

Too bad the burger at Epicurious was such a letdown. Had the potential to be a good burger too, because everything about it was good except for the patty. But that's what a burger is all about.

Oh tried Bedrock... Was a little disappointed. They overcooked it! Asked for medium-rare and the waiter recommended medium. So I went with it because with burgers like that it's better with medium, but more risk of overcooking.

Yeah when I got it it was little north of that. Thinking of going again to see how it is when it's cooked properly. Could be a contender.

yixiaooo said...

hi janalin, thanks for visiting! so sweet you are bringing your dad out more often =) as to your question, i can't think of any mid-priced places .... but some fine dining restaurants (eg otto, bonta, ember) offer really awesome complimentary bread and i'm sure they won't say no if you asked for more.

clueless about bacon - readers, any help?

yixiaooo said...

dave, dang about the burger. i hope you feedback-ed to them about the overdone patty.

David Koh said...

You know it's funny, when the waiter recommended it medium, I was like "make sure it's not overcooked." and he kind of laughed, as if it was such a ludicrous assertion.

But yup it came north of medium and I didn't see him after that. Also might have been compounded by the fact that there wasn't a lot of fat in the patty. Fat = flavor and juiciness. Both lacking in that burger.


Actually the bread that they gave at Bedrock was really good. It's almost like a pita but a lot fluffier and of course thicker. They bake it on site and serve it with roasted garlic and butter.

Also the bacon that they serve at Bedrock is also really crisp. I hated the bacon when I lived in the States because they were all a carbonized crisp. But you might like the Bedrock bacon because it's done in that style.

Anonymous said...

Hey Yixiao, Hey Dave! Thanks for replying and giving me useful leads. I'm gonna check out all those places you mentioned Yixiao....and ooooo Dave I like the way you think, Bedrock pita, here we come....yabba dabba doooo. Opps, sorry if I made you queasy over the mention of crispy bacon done US style. I guess it's either a love it or hate it kinda food. But I truly appreciate you wrecking your brain over where to find the "bacon that must not be named". I will try that too. Thanks both of you for your help. ;)))

Joy said...

Not too sure about bacon but who can forget the gratifyingly warm round onion loaf at Morton's? That is totally to die for...

David Koh said...

Hey Janalin

It's actually not a pita, but it's pita shaped. Didn't want you to get the wrong idea. I usually skip the bread when I eat out. But I couldn't resist this one.

Warm and fluffy, wonderful.

Here's a picture: