Tuesday, September 15

Al Divo

If you were called to namedrop a couple of suburbans that have Italian restaurants, no doubt places like Greenwood Avenue, Chip Bee or Namly would roll off your tongue like a ball of fresh mozzarella.

But how about Sembawang? Or more specifically Jalan Gelenggang?


Trust me, I too find it hard to believe that my part of town has been touched by the Neighbourhood-Italian-Restaurant Fairy.

First things first, Al Divo needs more than fairy dust to fly – the service was polite but clueless, the cold white bread burned my fingertips and the restaurant could be eerily quiet when it’s less than half filled.


The antipasto della casa al divo was a respectable spread of parma ham and melon with arugula, mozzarella and tomato with black olives, salami, grilled snap peas, zucchini, eggplant, sundried tomatoes and long beans. This reminds me of the dashing Jamie Oliver Antipasti Platter I saw earlier. If you have 45 pounds to spare, let me know. And if I get it, I will definitely invite you “O Generous One” over for dinner.


Got to say for the 128th time that I’m not a pasta person but the tagliolini neri con mentaiko was pretty good. Flat floppy tagliolini pasta with creamy mentaiko sauce. I know a colleague who likes this so much she visited Al Divo twice in a span of three days for this (HELLO MAGS, if you reading this!). But the portion was small. So small that even a non-pasta person such as myself found it barely enough.


The maitre d slash pasta slash pastry chef highly recommended the costatella di maile (grilled kurobuta pork chops). Unfortunately it wasn’t kurobuta in its finest shining glory as this little piggy was a little overdone, though the rim of fat provided slight relief. As for the sides, we had stumpy potato wedges that were lightly fried and caramelized onions, which were too lovely.


Served in a glass cup, the mascarpone-heavy tiramisu with specks of chewy bits, marked the end of a meal and perhaps, a new beginning for this suburban.

Al Divo
8 Jalan Gelenggang
Sembawang Hills Estate
Tel: 6288 3009

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