Sunday, August 2

Macarons from Obolo


A friend of mine has issues with people mispelling macaroons macarons. I know I've been misspelling it for the longest time too. Though my rationale would be that some of us derive an extra O from macarons, as of TODAY, I will try my darnest to spell them correctly.

Love the salted caramel, green tea and mango macarons from Obolo.

452 Joo Chiat Road
Tel: 6348 9791


tin tin said...

Oh that's interesting, you do know that macarons are the French pastries that have meringue sandwiched between two shells (the ones in your photo), and macaroons are little balls of chocolate covered with coconut? Lol.

ladyironchef said...

obolo macarons are some of the fattest yeah? :)

yixiaooo said...