Friday, June 27

2am Dessertbar

To be honest, I didn't enjoy my maiden visit to 2am Dessertbar.

There was some gathering going on. Mini party but major din. Gradually I grew unnerved by the crowd and awkward spaces, someone should have just played a Mariah Carey tune as a form of euthanasia. Was it the dessert bar's fault? Largely no, but I guess if its dessert was unable to cure me of my headache, the dessert bar could not be praised.

After chikalicious, I thought I've had it with artas-fartas desserts but deep within, a naggy feeling persuaded me to make re-visit 2am desert bar. With my new found intrigue, a sms from Diana took me a grand total of 3 secs to reply yes. I returned with Diana on a monday evening. the bar was understandably empty and i felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.

What is dessert without chocolate?

Painful. Incomplete.


The warm chocolate tart resembled Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales- bittersweet and touching. The blood orange sorbet on the side served as a palate cleanser, creating an interplay of icy and warm, tangy and decadent. Faced with a melting sorbet and leaking molten chocolate, there was a real need to 'seize the moment'!

In life, most of us work towards achieving the 5Cs (I'm sure some regard Madonna's Material Girl as visionary). When it comes to dessert, I have my other set of 5Cs:
  1. chocolate
  2. caramel
  3. crumble
  4. cream cheese
  5. custard

Twix did a neat job of pinning down points 2 to 4. Burnt caramel mousse and cream cheese slice on a bed of peanut crumble. Here, the flavour was milder but the play on texture was more evident.

2am Dessertbar had gained some flak for being overpriced and underwhelming and after my first visit, I was in that "Dessrtbar rhymes with Blah" school of thought. Although after this visit, I wasn't in Camp Wow-my-pants-off, I have at least defected from Camp Unimpressed.

La Rochefoucauld once said, "To eat is a necessity. To eat intelligently is an art."

And I thought this defnitely applied in this instance.

What do you mean i can't mindlessly gorge on chocolate and ice cream?

Sorry folks but at 2am Dessertbar, you got to give some thought to what you are eating. think of the textures, the pairing and the presentation... It may sound like too much work for dessert but you don't want to be the one who stands in front of a Botero painting, uttering these words, "gaw-, she needs to go on a diet" right?


Joyz said...

hi yixiao,

coincidentally, I had the same desserts with you on my maiden trip to 2am dessert bar! Haha, maybe not coincidental...those two seem to be the popular ones. sorry, but i found the dessert size a tad too small. Anyone complaining?

diana said...

you back in sg? japan rocks, for the food man, but i think i'm almost ready to head back home... haha... i realise i'm no lonely planet traveller...

ladyironchef said...

ya i heard that 2am is kind of ex for their desserts, so have been holding back my visit.

yixiaooo said...

yeao it is but so is Cova!