Friday, January 20

eww day.

today is so gross, it really deserves a medal for "like hell day," only that it was freezing to the devil's bone..

i had to get to the international office to pick up my timetable and programme for the introduction week. using the "resident's handbook" that they provided me with, i realized the international office was at another building (not the one called 'solberg plads' that was nearer to my residence hall) but at 'dalgas have' which was where the international party was held nights before. though a map was provided for, i was hoping to use my not-too-well-regarded navigation skills and familiar markers such as the thai takeaway to guide me there.

i started my journey at 1:30pm and walked and walked in grimy grayish puddles/ snow till i got desperate, wondering where the heck the place was. i finally found a bus map and realized i had been heading in the opposite direction for about twenty minutes. grr, thus I had to make my way back in the blistering cold, seeking directions to 'dalgas have' from too kind strangers who could make little out of my accent. it was a long and treacherous road, made worse by the fact that i only had normal sneakers on since it wasn't long before I realized the bottoms of my jeans were soaked and my sneakers barely holding up.

trekking along, i finally found credible familiar sights- a semi-circle curved beautiful residential apartment that led up to the school. i hurriedly made my way to the second floor and observed the total time taken.. great, I had used an hour fifteen minutes for what could have been a twenty minutes journey. but at least I was in shelter, away from the insidious snowfall outside.

"sorry, i think they have moved only a couple of weeks ago" i was this close to taking off my soaked sneaker and throwing it at somebody! But really, the only person i could throw at was myself for they did inform us (through email) that they were changing offices during new year's period but how was i supposed to know the residential handbook wasn't updated, when after all, how much would printing costs have cost!? *^$@%$%^&( by then it was two forty- five and i had shown signs of cracking. then again, i have already made it this far and i might as well moved on.

bearing in mind previous instances of stupidity, i decided to make a call to find out what time they closed and the lady on the other line said, "in about ten minutes…" i told her i was at dalgas have and asked if i could make it in ten minutes and she said sure. i then made a mad dash, well not really dash since i was incredibly worn-out by then, for the building that lay about two big streets away.

FINALLY! hallelujah, mother of- (I better stop here), i found the office inconveniently hiding into a small corner, asked with a numb jaw to clear my pigeon hole and picked up my things. the ending is rather anti- climax but with grim-covered sneakers and ice-laced jeans on, i didn't think i could continue with the mindless walking and eventual disappointment.

oh well, time to get groceries and I am glad I derive the same peaceful comfort I get when I am in the supermarkets back at home.

just another day in Copenhagen.

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snow! every morning, some guy has to clear the pathways otherwise the students would be trapped within the buildings.. looks beautiful huh? better to enjoy the snow from indoors with a camera. hahah...

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