Friday, January 13


crash and burn.

in the midst of all that catching up with friends, i met up with saz and muhd and we headed over to bakerzin's at raffles city

i couldn't resist the pastries and ordered an almond croissant for starters. it arrived cold and when i asked the waitress if they heated it up, she looked at me and said, "did you wanted it heated up?" O-K soooo-rrayyy?! but you should have asked if i wanted it to be heated up in the first place... i am so tempted to type out her name.. very bitchy huh? haha.. perhaps i have been spoilt by the folks at coffee bean..

and if you look closely, you will realise that the croissant is actually slightly burnt. H-M-M-M: go figure.

muhd had the smoked salmon pasta in cream sauce.. on first look, it looked like something out of a can.. chopped salmon and chopped tomatoes soaked in drabby cream sauce.. but he liked the taste of it and i admit, maybe all this nitpicking is a result of sheer boredom (waiting for dinner to start in an hour. bloody hell).

saz cheesed-in on the seafood crepe, which he remarked as 'very good'.. and since i didn't try it.. i'll take his word for it.

i tried hard to like bakerzin but my dish stood out like a sore thumb amist the chic interior decor, dazzling array of desserts.. the distasteful mango stick-to-your-gums chutney was ho-hey yucksville.. and my grilled vegetable sandwich (for $11.50) was dull, unimaginative and uninspiring. though the vegetables were grilled in coats of olive oil, the bread was undressed and unbuttered and stale- like.

maybe i am just too fussy.

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