Monday, December 26

Jade Fullerton

i am still here!
and contrary to popular belief, i haven't stopped eating..
haha, stay tuned for updates.

how was my xmas weekend?
well two wedding dinners and a christmas eve party later, i am feeling yaw-zhaaa..
first wedding dinner was held at grand corpthorne waterfront but the other one which i just returned from was held at fullerton. i have to admit i was very very pleased with the food... well wedding food, we all know, is just about as interesting and predictable as air plane food.. though not disastrous tasting, the ubiqutous cold platter, starchy shark's fin soup, boring roast chicken and eww-yuck-eww ee fu noodles don't exactly fuel anyone's imagination.. which is why i was "very very pleased" with the fullerton dinner.. which was prepared by tung lok's jade restaurant.

no pictures as i didn't think there would be anything interesting but i was proven so wrong but the choke full of good stuff shark's fin, wonderful braised tofu and abalone dish, great tasting soon hock and get this GLUTINOUS RICE WRAPPED IN LOTUS LEAF- amazing stuff because we have this common joke in our family where my mum has banned ee-fu noodles on my sisters and my wedding dinners, preferring either yangchow fried rice, crispy noodles and glutinous rice instead.. it felt like jade/ fullerton was spot on and the glutinous rice was gamely polished off within minutes.

another thing to note was that unlike dinners where the servers placed the dishes in the center of the table, at fullerton, we were served individual portions, thus saving the need to reach across the table for second helpings... the feeling of being fussed over.. sigh

and there was two different types of dessert! hands up if you are sick and tired of mango pudding.. haha.. tonight there was a choice of either chocolate mousse cake or semi-sphere- shaped tiramisu which was served with strawberries... ooooooo..

time to detox.. haha

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