Saturday, December 17

Hong Yuen dinner

our first weekend eat-out dinner since yang's return from durham and parent's foray into malaysia, took place at hong yuen.. since we did promise to take yang there

after last time's BLUNDERR (see Dec the 3rd), we got our lobster noodle order right. done pretty much london's-royal china style, the aroma of the crispy noodle was caught within a lingering layer of gravy. hmmmm... very nice...

the deep fried eggplant was seriously disarming and a great treat to boot. worthy of a second serving!

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the hong siew tofu was safe and good wheras our minced meat and preserved vegetables claypot rice was extremely delicious though a little too salty towards the end.

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but the surprise of the night was the peking duck.

the ardous nature of preparing peking duck as you needed at least two service staff to carry out the serving process effectively. it felt really indulgent to have someone wait on you, carefully slicing out the duck skin.. inch by inch, piece by piece..

the task is only completed after wrapping the duck skin with a thin slice of crepe. but really, the long process only served to heighten the lost- long anxiety of having peking duck.

aptly glossy and super inviting- looking, the duck skin was sheer ambrosial. the crisp-crunch texture of the skin that is enhanced by the unsubtle flavour of fat beneath it.

the chef then used the remaining flesh for a stir fry. slightly saltish and the duck flavour unfortunately lost to its tiny cubish nature, i would have prefer to just have the duck meat unprocessed. oh well, let's hope there's a next time!

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