Sunday, November 27

Adam Road Nasi Lemak

when adam met gutherie.

though i am an early- bird by nature, i would only wake up EXTRA early on a sunday morning for one reason and ONE reason only- grocery shopping at cold storage gourmet at gutherie house along sixth avenue.. arh, i just thrive *think dreamy here* in that homely atmosphere borne out of the fresh aromatic coffee and bakery just nearby.. ok fine, i admit i am a supermarket snob and although ntuc is frequented for convenience reasons, i have absolutely no spanking desire to patronise somewhere like 'shop and save' because to me, grocery shopping is all about the "eeeex-pe-rienceeeee"- my marketing prof would have been proud.

we used to go to the gourmet cold storage more frequently in the past but lifestyle changes (read laziness) gave way to other brunch options. anyway i initially had every intention of going down to 'simpy bread' for breakfast so you can imagine my surprise when dad turned into adam road food centre instead.

but well, there are probably a dozen bakeries in denmark but hell-no nasi lemak or mee soto... and this is literally nasi lemak fit for a king, in our case the sultan of brunei who gets his takeway from here. although there are a couple of nasi lemak stores, this is supposedly the queue to join (second store from left upon entrance).. although i must be honest, i cannot tell the difference.. they are all good!

royal flush- otak, chicken wing, fried egg and potato cutlet with a heavy dose of sambal and ikan bilis.

doctor to himself: *rubbs hands together* "at this rate, i can start planning for my french polynesian holiday..."

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whilst Parents were at cold storage, i wandered off to 'simply bread' for a cursory visit and my, how much it has grown since the last time i was there! the bread/ sandwich culture is definitely thriving in singapore.. a tribute to gaultier's pain culture, the sticky bun and raisin+strawberry jam pastry caught my eye though after that fiasco at breakfast, i had enough sense to walk away.

concidentally, mum went over later to get brunch for jimmy and jie and bought the exact same pastries that i had been eying. are we predictable or what? haha..

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Seth Lui food blog said...

adam road is the best for finding multiple good foods in one place!