Sunday, November 13

SICC pastries

tortise day out.

"look ma, i can c-l-i-m-b" .. my camera has an exhorbitant number (19 to be exact) of tortise pictures. which were not taken by yours truly. in fact, jie and jimmy has used my camera to record 'sweet memories' of their tortoise's first day out in the garden. acting like parents for the first time, it must have been like "snap this! our tortise has just climbed over a pebble half his size! " or "snap this, the turtle has moved an inch on his own without us prodding!"

poor tortise though, the garden must have been such an obstacle course for him.. so much so that he had to seek shelter from the greeneries.

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healthy instant noodles? is that possible? well, i sure hope so.. lunch today was an experimental affair as i tried the koka instant noodles which claimed to be "low-fat, gluten-free, no msg or preservatives added" and since i am suck a sucker for this seemingly too-good-to-be-true proclaimation, i decided to give it a go.. experimental since if this trial testing passes, i could be loading packs of it into my luggage for denmark.. hey a girl can't live on chocolates, pastries and smoked herring alone, no?

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lunch is served!

verdict? it was surprisingly edible despite the lack of ingrediants.. the kway teow was chewy enough and the soup flavourful enough.. the word here is 'enough'.. at $1.50 for lunch- what the hell do you expect?! on the other hand, the fact that i am licking my lips after half an hour of eating it does not exactly spell much about its health benefits. pass or fail? -can do la.. seriously when in denmark, it is cheap comfort and will serve its purpose in the chilly scandanavian winters.

since it was SUPPOSEDLY healthy, i decided to treat myself with what esle but pastries from the club (yes, again?!) wellll.........

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carrot cake, mango roll and marble cheesecake.

much as i would have liked to demolish the entire plate, the lack of a satisfactory marital status prevented me from doing so.. so a little bit of this and a little bit of that.. mum loves the carrot cake.. but i still prefer cedele's.. the mango roll- self- explainatory agreeable and light on the tummy.. the cheesecake? hmmm it was more moist than jimmy's bluberry birthday cheesecake and definately softer..

arh, you cannot really go wrong with pastries from the club..

it is amazing how the guys in my marketing team clamp up conveniently when real work needs to be done.. there are so much ideas and suggestions thrown out during brainstorming but when things like coming out with the powerpoint slides and consolidation of the final report needs to be done- everyone just assumes their moment of silence.. HEY nincompoops, sorry to burst your bubble but the invisibility cloak just does not seem to be working..

four guys and two girls- where the other femme has done the consolidation of our final report, so i volunteered to do up the powerpoint slides.. and now, some assh*** (i apologise for having to resort to vulgarities) claims he can't send the slides before the stipulated time.. i really feel like telling him, "fine.. give it to me the last minute.. better yet, do a poor job of it... late and mediocore- YOUR TRADEMARK!" and stupidstupid-retardo-o-nono me actually let him choose the parts he preferred.. #$%*.. the more i think about it, the angrier i get- WITH MYSELF.

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. he actually asks me to be more understanding @##@$@%@^#&^^*(&&%^.. i wish i knew more hokkien vulgarities.. i let you get away with sloppy work for the report. i let you choose the parts you want first... #$%#$%@^#%&%$^&*^(^ YOU DON'T DESERVE ANY UNDERSTANDING %$^*()*_%&^@$%@#

poor keyboard of mine.

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