Monday, October 31

wings of flight.

today my heart bleeds for marketing.

i finally bought the required textbook after procrastinating for 11 weeks (there are 15 weeks in a term by the way). as my upcoming test is an open book one, i decidedly to drop the cheap-act OH HOW IT HURTS! and gamely handed over $39. 70 for a new textbook.

after doing so, i could not bear to part with another $32 dollars for my technology, world and change textbook which costs a flippingfishfingers $32.. despite the fact that my exam is closed book which means i have to memorize every morsel of information- i see with my little signs of facism in my italian professor. ONLY JOKING. i realised the internal security department could be on their way over now.

once and for all- my italian professor is as nice as meatballs out of a can ok?

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