Wednesday, October 26

nothing exciting.

here is a does-nothing-for-your-gpa bit of trivia for you: do YOU know that prince albert of monaco's official title is "His Serene Highness"?! =)

deadlines and more deadlines- sums up my life is smu. sigh.

a slightly effiminate brad pitt in his good luck smuggy troy armour prompted me to unwrap the november scv guide. flipping through the newest scv telescope to check out upcoming hightlights features an irony since i always flip to the last page for check out the highlights in the NEXT-of-the-upcoming month.

wow, action, sex and horror all coming in december!

i robot holds the clout for action.. haven't caught it before but trailers reveal that even the robots have stunt doubles.. hmm should check it out.. in december.

ooo,for all you naughty nooky folks who covet paris hilton's homemade videos: 'wild sex' on national geographic.. which features "naughty, nooky ANIMALS who put humans to shame".. don't worry guys, at least paris now knows what a soup kitchen is or does..

hmm, there's horror on hbo too! mean girls- the iconic hitchcock-psycho movie of our generation. look how horror had progressed- instead of knife-wielding perverse folks who sneak up behind shower curtains, the villains of our generation are blond american girls who are just about every guy's behind-the-shower-curtain fantasy. horror- airbrushed i must say.

ok, back to november which is supposedly an all-guy issue. the movies featuring these so called hotties consist of sky captain (jude law), cellular (chris evans), GOING DOWN THE SCALE AS YOU CAN PROBABLY TELL, waterboy (adam sandler), die hard (bruce willis) ... which only proves one thing. hotties do not make wise movie choices and erm, scv obviously has a different idea of who today's hotties are.

ok, to be fair there's troy and brad pitt the real you-know-who who launched a thousand ships. ooo eric bennett's in it as well, but he.. kinda.. dies... so i am going to save myself the heartbreak and of course our dear mediteranean-version of legolas who did himself a favour by getting a perm and tan- how hollywould!

i guess at the end of the day you could always rely on discovery travel and adventure and i meant THAT! there's a new jamie where-got-naked?! oliver's series 'jamie's school dinners' where he attempts to re-vamp school food in britain.. another new kid on the block 'come dine with me' which is a reality program based on becoming the best dinner party host and a new season of 'made to order'

chris, is it the end of october already?!

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