Thursday, October 13

not in the world.

the end of mid-term signals the arrival of my mid-term finance exams. i know.. there are just so many things wrong with the previous statement.. since when did exams and break co-exist within the same sentence without the word 'before' conjoining them.

but my philosophy is that if you are rushing through preparations one day before the actual paper... good luck to you, buddy. so.. i joined my mum and her friends for lunch at pariss buffet at marina square. you know, after so many epicurious adventures, i should know better than to attend one of these mass- appeal mass-produced buffet lunches.. perhaps it was a bad sign when they paid us pay up at the door, the last eatery i visited which did that was seoul garden.. and DON'T WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT PLACE IS LIKE..

proudly proclaiming itself to be an international buffet, there was supposedly a wide variety of dishes.. ok.. the sashimi was there.. the teppanyaki station present.. but if you have ONE ubiqutious seafood pasta to represent the italian bit, ONE baked mexican fish to ole-along and a FEW steamed what-looked-like-wantons to the show for the far east.. i guess you could call yourself "international.. whattt"

but seriously guys, don't waste your time or money.

to top it off, the service was -------pause-------- questionable .. alright not all the service staff were grubsworth but when i reached over to my empty left neighbouring table to grab a piece of serviette, this one greasy haired manic (see where i am heading) immediately unquestionably pushed the EMPTY table's cutlery to the other far end so that we at our present table could not reach it.

reader, do bear in mind lunch hour was almost over and the resturant was far from being crowded.

like WHATTTT THEEEE DEEEPPP-SOOOUUUUTHHHH-ENDDD.. though shocked, my mum and her friend asked him if he did so to prevent us from using the available cutlery and he said Y-E-S and then walked away smug, without bothering to quell our increasing dissatisfaction. *insert gasp* he was so horrificaly rude and assuming, my mum got really riled up.

p.s. unlike me, where you only need to snap your fingers.. it takes a lot to piss my mum off.

when the complaint was made and the manager summoned, that $*%(%@ (who should really give his hair gel a vacation) slip-shotly apologised then walked away before rolling his eyes. "gasp... did he really do that?" asked the wide-eyed reader.

YES YES YES!!! believe me, if the manager himslf had not been mad apologising my mum's friend would have whacked his sorry ass with newly- purchsed chloe silverado (yup the same lady who carries the paddington.. but that was erm last week)

though i do feel bad for the manager who looked for than sorry at his inability to control his staff.. dear reader, do not try pariss as NOTHING offsets ANYTHING.. meaning that both service and food cannot make up for each other.. ok, that's a finance risk-return theory.


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