Monday, October 17

Teahouse Tung Lok

heart sum more.

put 5 ravenous girls and a hot-looking guy in a steamy environment.
what would you get?

a dim sum feast! *whacks forehead hello?! this isn't some craig david song, for crying out loud. and kevin was looking "hot" as in hot and red like a semi-scorched lobster as he had just returned from vacation krabi, pipi islands.

so for like the fourth time in two weeks, i had dim sum last saturday. it was yet another "amaze-our-danish-friend-kevin-with-singapores-culinary-fineries" trip that took us to teahouse at china square.

unlike our last trip to hu cui, teahouse serves primarily CANTONESE (not shanghainese, peking nor teochew) dim sum, which after so many dimming adventures made me realise that i really do prefer thi style dim sum after all.

on the menu:
Siew Mai. not a fan since kiddy years- no idea why though.

Steamed Barbecued Pork Buns & Baked Flaky Pastry with Barbecued Pork- i got to got to got to have them at ANY dim sum meal otherwise it would just feel glaringly incomplete and unsatisfying, and i love how the char siew bao resembles a blossoming lotus flower.. see, i am getting all poetic here.

Braised Chicken Claws. with a texture better left to imagination, , i think this was a fear-factor cruncher for kevin who obviously was at lost over whether to eat the skin or just knaw on the bones since there was minimal meat. after this chicken feet dish and a previous durian, i think he might just be beginning to doubt the strength of our friendship.

Steamed Turnip Cake with Minced Chinese Sausages- a healthier version of the pan-fried turnip cake. least threatening dish to our waistlines.. but we say, "bring on the oil!"

Steamed Prawn Dumplings aka ha gao: shrimp wrapped within a thin layer of flour. crunchy and obviously fresh, i think i might have just discovered vanessa's weakness *evil grin.

Sichuan Hot and Sour dumplings. not hot, quite sour. real meaty. a dish worthy of a 6-words description.

Steamed Pork Ribs with Black Bean Sauce. with ade at the table, no meal is complete without this hulk of fatty pork ribs.

i guess you really could not ignore the appeal of shanghainese xiao long bao. i did not try this as basically it does not rank high my my shiok- indicator.. is that actually possible? well erm yes... however, from the other tester's mouth though, apparently teahouse's xiao long bao taste-wise is not as groan-inducing as say crystal jade's.

though we would have liked kevin to try OR NEE- a yam paste dessert which promises to sky-rocket your cholestrol level, it was unfortunately only served during lunch time only, so hightea/ orneeloving-goers: take note. & like any foreigner, kevin kept asking for "spring rolls" despite our initial reluctance.. maybe we should give him credit for not ordering sweet and sour pork. haha

overall, a pleasant experience that was unharried. though the food took its time to arrive, great company more than made up for it.

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