Sunday, August 14

laoshi zao.

yesterday charl had a Back-To-School -themed party at her bali-resort home.
think mindless card games like happy family and old maid (which by the way, gave charl, wai and i the chills), excessive country erasers, wooden pencils you had to sharpen, multi-coloured paper balls, primary school treats like mini mantou balls, khong guan sultana biscuits, durian waffle fold, bibi.. and the cutest food holders made out of zhuo wen zi (chinese composition writing paper)

it felt like jc-version of a united nations congregation, like jc during the first three months. ac barker, acsi, acjc, scgc, chinese high, st gab's, njc, rjc, and of course IJ! ijtp, ij st theresa's .. i did not wear my ij st nick's uniform though can't find la so i paired my still-tight ac skirt with a blue collar shirt and v-neck jumper to go for an ultra prep look. did not work though.. haha.

but i had fun and thanks charl for letting us make a heluva mess over at your place.

p.s. ying dan smells better than pugsy but i still love muh pug.

pictures will as up as soon as i can rip them off from somebody esle's album.

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