Thursday, July 14

such furor.

i must admit the nkf saga has been hooked on a fish determined to stay on bait.

should mr durai resign, i will send him a pillow, gift-wrapped. you know one of those can-you-believe-the-price-tag geese-feather-stuffed pllows. it is my way of saying "thank you for leaving and may you sleep peacefully after fooling so many" well, that is assuming that he has the decency to admit that he is in the wrong in the first place. oh and supposedly that he does not already own one of those expensive pillows.

frankly i think that people have NO obligations towards nkf. donors should not be put on a guilt trip for cancelling their monthly donations as most donate out of goodwill (while others are simply trying out their luck at winning some condominum situated in somewhere so ulu you need a passport to get to). so i think maybe the families of nkf patients should rally for durai-'s resignation as he is the one who has been depriving their loved ones of more help.

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