Tuesday, July 12


anybody (which i would suggest EVERYBODY) who would like to gain a new perspective on eating at chi-chi resturants should read 'kitchen confidential' by anthony bourdain.

this might make you think twice about ordering "today's special"
-you have been warned.

you know if there is anything i dislike, it is doubt. all kinds of doubt- self-doubt, being doubtful, doubt du jour, a double shot of doubt with whipped cream. why? because doubt transcends to hesitation and ultimately to fear. and guess what: i cannot deal with fear. give me assertion anytime. i really could do with more certainty in my life. three more weeks into this job. still hanging on? like i have a choice.

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doesn't this picture make you wanna go "eww". maybe that is why some people just cannot seem to warm to anything plastic or acrylic. perhaps david beckham really is allergic to plastic. i think victoria beckham is living proof that money cannot buy you security or confidence or a husband who should really keep it in his pants. BUT BUT BUT it can buy you a kick-ass roberto cavalli dress straight from his fall/ winter 2005 collection. so there!

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