Tuesday, June 21

my one but not only.

reading the batman/christian bale issue of 8 days revived memories of eye for a guy 2 last episode. although i cannot really seem to remember much except for caramel corn chips and lays salt and vinegar (which happens to be a killer combination by the way), denise keller puppet-pull-my-mouth-strings monologues and wai's eventual erm devastation ..

which happens odd as say, you are rooting for someone to win because you think he has more to offend, is cuter and funnier, probably more down-to-earth.. then when he does not get picked, you are SUPPOSED to be bummed out but wait- the guys's SUDDENLY SINGLE!?!

anyway i was reading the interview and again, i do not remember the specifics having read it in a rush but there was a question on something like what similarities do you guys (denise and her man) have? -something along those lines at least and i think she mentioned something like, "oh, we are not only half-german, we come from the same german state... we are both confused... "

ok that may seem super out of context but go read the interview and see if you can manage to hold your laughter... but i rest my case and that's one couple you would not want to ask directions from.

which got me thinking like is every mixed kid as culturally confused as they are? what about those who are definately americans/ english/ japanese etc but have been transported to an entirely different country? my knowledge of mixed kids is limited to the fact that most of them are gorgeous -having gotten the best of both dna-worlds. so i think maybe i should go do some research on them.. so if you see me hanging out at penny black's or the dubliner's.. do not bother me for i am engaging in an intellectually stimulating conversation ...


one tip for career.

for my job i do a lot of prospecting, which includes calling up of companies to ask for their managing directors or human resource directors, so that our business development managers can follow up of sales and services.

my one tip to you is- do NOT work for a japanese company- they are simply not interested in employee welfare.

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