Thursday, June 2

i spy.

"howard's gonna winnnn-innn.. nanny nanny poopoo..."

that is of course the disney fairy tale ending, unless miss denise keller decides to reality-fy the program by choosing the more compatible wolfgang.

do you realise how 'compatibility' has nothing to do with 'chemistry' or the show's favourite word 'connectivity'. when we say A is 'compatible' with B, it is usually due to a measure of ambition, looks, previous schools, family background or funds in thy bank account- yup, the singapore dream...

it is only when people say, they were "made for one another" then is it a matching of personalties and affection for one another.

dear waimin has invited some of us to her place or the finale.. haha. stay tuned.

just got off my sister's blog and frankly, i am just so envious of anyone who does not need to saturate in singapore. eck, my parents are thinking of dropping by barcelona when they see my sister off to london.. well, what can i say except:

-regains composure- at least my mum seems pretty enthusistic.. can't say the same for my dad though who coolly replied "i don't have to go in october.. barcelona will always be there... "

just watch my nostrils flare.

sigh, i have a craving for nonya dumpling right now. a very bad bad one.

sidetrack: i have just shortlisted Ember Restuarant at Hotel 1929 for my birthday dinner.

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