Friday, June 3

Out of the Pan

creped out.

-as my obesssion with food blogs continues

lunch with ade's this afternoon took us to raffles city's 'out of a pan'

where we savoured

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a beef and bell pepper wholewheat crepe

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and indulged in royal hazelnut waffle

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see the pretty waffles stacked up beside a dish of mango salad, topped off with a chocolate-hazelnut ice-cream!

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the waffles dismantled to reveal a layer of peanut-butter caramel-like substance. yum-my!

email reply to charl!
babebabebabe.. i so totally understand what you are going through! when i watch my sister and jimmy, i am like, "is this the original umbrella-toting ice queen???"

it almost seems unreal that she could feel so much for anything that did not have a designer tag on it (that's my take on it).. ok i am being mean here but COME BACK SOON.. i NEED our slumber parties.. oh pretty please!

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