Friday, May 13

sure is uplifting.

job perks! i am currently staring at the delifrance catering menu, wondering just what to order for next week's seminar. i have to get ask the rest what they would prefer as usually our clients end up not even close to finishing and the rest of the team gets to vulture in.. gosh, i can practically sniff out the aroma of the mini turkey ham and cheese croissants and savour the mini almond croissants, which are filled with butter almond cream and topped off with flaked toasted almond. i am not hallucinating. am i enjoying my trusted duty? is lenin russian?

look where technology has taken us to
oh dear, isn't low carbohydrates bread an oxymoron of the most fortutious kind? i can almost hear the shrieks of joy and exasperation coming from singaporeans, myself not withstanding. -curtsies

i caught it takes two with zhu and diana last night at the victoria theatre. whilst zhu spent a good time simply in awe of how lucky we were to have been ushered into the theatre by the producer herself, i spent my night wondering how some talented or maybe even gifted some people were. let's say, you had the versatility for different roles be it indonesian taitai or filipina domestic help, a comic timing that never failed to deliver, not to mention a diagphram built for harmonious crooning or projection ... how in the world do you convince yourself to NOT pursue your given path of performing. i mean, you ware practically created for this position, huxley-eerie as it may sound. at times, i truly wonder if these gifted people had a easier time trying to figure out what they wanted to. maybe overseas huh? where talent, and not some stiff laminated scroll that led you into your future.

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