Friday, May 27

midnight maddness.

supper at chompchomp's!

after darrelle came to pick me up (thanks for the ride, babe!) we spent the next half-an-hour u-turning looking for joey's ulu-pandan hougang ave 8 block.. haha, i am so tempted to wrtie her whole address down.

eck, i had such good black carrot cake! funny thing is how i never used to like black carrot cake as a kid and as i grew up, i preferred white most of the time but this time round i ordered a black version and it was totally mind-blowing.. after that, i was not even the least bit hungry but i ordered popiah anyway, after crossing out other options like another plate of carrot cake, tau hway and porriage..-yeap, probably proves to anyone how indecisive i am-.. on hindsight, i should have ordered another black black carrot cake.. MmMm..

joey and darrelle both shared a stingray and satay.. i think i am really aging, just check out my food choices against darr and joey's, i look like some ah- pek who has lost majority of his teeth and can only savour soft foods.

eck, i almost forgot we had chee kwey too! not bad i must say, the pickled vegetables (aka chai po) did not feel like some mass-produced oil-drenched product and i think i could really eat the chai po on its own! haha

then darr pointed out to us that there might be this weight-watchers group sitting at the back of us as they all wore badges that bore indications of how much weight they lost.. then that silly joey started re-enacting what they were probably discussing about.. "oh maybe we should recruit those three (us) up front".. "hey we need new members.. did you bring your badges.. "


now i can add 'call-pranker' to my job scope. yup, i prank people for a living (this is what usually happens when you pay peanuts). i call up people, see if there is a ringing tone and put down before anyone manages to answer my call. of course, there are those whose reflexes defy norm as pick up the phone BEFORE there is any dial tone.. seriously! and these are not just ordinary people i have to call.. these people belong to airport affiliations like national poisons centers (there is one in every country, you know, even singapore.. DUH of course SINGAPORE!), environment agencies, civil aviation authority, customs and what-have-you.

and it gets really interesting when you near voice mails in different languages.. so far the more unusual ones have been italian and cambodian (cambodians speak cambodian right?)..

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