Monday, May 9

it's my party,

time to RANTrantRANT!

i wish i had the guts to walk into my director's office and tell her i quit. this job is getting crazily boring and the only thing that is worth getting all excited about is what corporate outfit to wear ever morning- guess what, even this takes place at home! #$%#^$^&&^*(

i wish i could grab hold of a bionic-helluva disease sweeper and whack all the dumbasses of this world. i am so tired of reading some people's blogs or just listening to them. they are so remarkably frivolous you feel like doing mankind a favour by donating their brains to neurologists so that they can find a cure to eliminate room-temperature-high-IQs.

i feel like screaming into the ear of the ahbeng who asked to add me on friendster 'hoping that i don't mind LOR' to take a good hard look at himself in the mirror and ask why i would even give him the time of my day and then .. watch it echo echo echoooooo in that hollow numbskull which he calls his head.

and i cry if i want to.

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