Friday, May 20


right now, i am feeling as stuffed as a christmas turkey ready to be carved and served AND am still thinking about the marble cake that is lying in the pantry. i really hate eating when i am bored or when i am not even remotely hungry. $%$*@%*$@%

i really hate what i have to do for work right now- dialling up international airport subsidiaries such as ministries and help centres to see if the telephone lines still function. if not, i will have to look up the internet to check for the updates.

sounds easy-peasy right> TAHHH! dead WRONG! can you imagine trying to locate kunming aviation centre, only to realise that kunming is part of yunnan and that the whole freakin' china shares one aviation centre, which by the way does not have any website to boot. frankly, the thought of just going through all the damn kunming travel sites gross me out. i am seeing all these environmental clean-up sites and i dread to think of what lies behind those wedsite because we all know where such places stand on the gross-o-meter.

in a pissypissy mood now. i am going to leave the office soon and soak up my long holiday.

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