Wednesday, May 4

book bounded.

oh dorian, carly simon's you're so vain was written for you...composed and harmonized for you.. sang for you.. but i cannot deny the commendable effort it took me to finish this short novel. with all its incessant non-dialogue and rationales, i felt even more tired than before reading it. right now, i feel like an ignorant townfolk from the emperor's new clothes, wondering if i should nod in agreement that the novel had the makings of a classic. sure, it was aseop-y showing how ugly man's vanity had made him but i cannot be sure if i enjoyed the story and if i have to ask myself that, the answer is probably no.

oh well, moving on-

in aticipation of tomcruise's latest hair-folicle-blowing blockbuster, i have decided to embark on The War of the Worlds by Herbert George Wells.. three books and more than twenty chapters.. i need all the luck and perserverence i can get! i am just about done with chapter 3 and i must say, it is looking good~

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