Wednesday, May 18


argh! can somebody please invent a way to eat flaky apple turnovers from delifrance without getting all that flour and apple filling onto your face and crumbs all over your outfit and workdesk?!

i am worn out from work. like it is about time right? i have been crazily rushing through the mini details such as catering, name labelling, invitation consolidating, not forgetting rsvp-ing and calling up people to remind them about tomorrow's medical seminar. but the day does not end here as i have yet to receive seminar handouts, which means i have yet to print and consolidate them. and believe when i say that the silly colour copier on the 17th floor never fails to screw up when i need it most. #%#%$@%Y^ but at least i am busy.

but right now i am sleepy too, no thanks to the beef-and-salmon combo from yoshinoya. i bet you must been thinking yoshinoya?! yeap, i decided to take a leap of faith and forgo my comfort blanket to try out something that belonged to those secondary school days. haha.. my life sure is thrilling isn't it?

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