Saturday, April 9

within a leap.

my virgin trip to ballet under the stars was memorable. my mum, in anticipation of the big day prepared a english-worthy picnic of salad, with 3 types of bread- pita, corn, wholemeal loaf plus salami, sausages and brandy butter, whilst i hogged the peanut butter. it looked like the perfect country picnic setting which was definately ironic when a caucasian man, who was sitting in front of us, suddenly whipped out a packet of chicken rice for his 'feast'.

and it was a bigger surprise when i saw C-H-O-O and it was this weird as i was just reading her blog before i left home. poor girl has exams on tues as well and in true singapore-style, both of us compared the respective school notes that we brought along to the ballet. no idea if she had any luck studying though as i found it wayy to distracting to be scribbling about the vast arena of green fields and colonial white settings.

ade needs some help getting motivated for the exams. it is saturday night and our first paper is on monday.. i have no idea what other motivation or sense of urgency she needs. haha.

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