Sunday, April 3

SMUve with me.

the latest buzz to hit SMU is the SMUve poster: designed to create a more brou-haha welcome to the city campus, these posters are glossy with eye-popping colours and they feature SMU students trying to outgrin the chesire cat, some looking spiffy in their forever21 spangly tops, whilst others attempt to look like donald trumps with better hair, of course!

i cannot help but think if these will start a "hey i'm on a SMU poster, smiling as if the my uberture rivals have just fallen into potholes".. i mean, it is bad enough we have people going around proclaiming "hey did you see my m1/ singtel advertisment? yar.. i was in for like 2 seconds and my face was ablur 'cause i am just an extra.. but did you SEEEEE how much good i look?? "

arh, we are going to have so much fun.

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