Monday, March 7

mummy knows best.

ok, this is simply blog-worthy. right now i am at my mum's office (international plaza tanjong no-shopping-district pagar) i hated my emsemble for school (black cardigan. blue camisole and a tweed mini skirt, with red shoes on *eww) so in a bid to resolve my woes, i decided to get a a white blouse to match the skirt.

yet this was no easy-peasy task- why? 1. i wanted my blouse to be tucked into the skirt and somehow manufacturers and their sweatshops only seem to manufacture short-waisted blouses..2. they were forty to fifty bucks apiece and i was not about to spend this much on something i did not even want. after walking into a few 'office-girl-type' boutiques i was only the verge of giving up and ALMOST stuck to my awful mismatched outfit when i decided to try my luck at a maternity store that just opened right in front of me. no use denying fate, i thought and i popped in to try my luck.

LO AND BEHOLD, i found a simply white blouse with a pretty ribbon attched at the back to reduce frump-factor.. BEST OF ALL! it is long enough to -gasp!- be tucked into my skirt and guess what (adudience goes: "what?!?") it costs only $23.70 with an additional 5% off.. i gleefully handed over my nets and donned my new tuckable shirt on..

haha, so right now i have a maternity blouse on..
and i'm soooo h-a-p-p-y..

cookie and creamy united.

look at what darrelle mrs jon-johnson gave me? ARGHH.. i almost fell off my seat at haven.. now my cookie pencil has a friend~ who is much fairer than him. yes there are both male pencils. do not ask me why. i'm mad right now.

cookie pencil with his new friend, whom i have christened creamy. damn original names huh, like pugsy.. hoho

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