Wednesday, March 16

diets and dads.

this is so retarded. i was munching on an apple at the dinner table and my dad somewhat interogates me & asks why i am not having dinner. yup, guess he does not know that 1. i NEED my fuji apple before dinner dinner even though i eat one every night and 2. since i have a sweet tooth (and i choose to pioritise)- i would rather have fruit cake, almond tart and a bit of cheesecake over spinach stir-fried in brown sauce, chicken flavoured in brown sauce and fish cooked in, yup you guessed it, brown sauce.

he then goes on to tell me that i cannot replace vegtables and its vitamins with fruits, which pretty much left me dumbfounded as just a couple of weeks ago, he berated me for allowing my constipation to happen due to a lack of fruits and vegetables. and please, it was S-P-I-N-A-C-H tonight, any resonable parent would realise how much this makes their kid's toenails curl.

here's the best part- i could not have more cheesecake as my mum thinks that jimmy wanted it. yup, "zilch, zip no buts!" i have to lose the cheesecake. *about to flip over the Encyclopedia of Liberty Le Freedoom Un Cheesecake to check on my rights.

well, reason i am blogging about this is because this is not the first time it has happened! i probably sound spoilt, ungrateful, not to mention veruca-saltish but cmon, i'm about to hit the big 2-0 in just about 4 months and 10 days, award me with the freeedom to let me choose le diet sil'vou plat..

just let me rant for this post!

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