Sunday, February 27


setting: rather crowded kinokuniya at takashimaya (trying saying this five times in rapid mode) target identified: bespectacled ten yr old boy dignosed: hyperactiveness. ability to run and hop instead of w-a-l-k

scenario: boy walking towards ck-frilly-top-and-heel yours truly. he did an impromtu hop-a-jump (that would have made only his mother proud) not before realising that he was like a mere four-inches away from me. he then clumsily landed, scrambled to my left.. hurriedly in pursuit of my-little-pony dreams..

question: why had the boy not walked past me FIRST, before deciding to emulate his probable-idol spiderman's mewest stunt. would not it have made sense to jump/hop after i have past him? he had only 3 seconds -i'm being kind here- to spare and would have knocked into me if i had not been qiving him THE look.

how odd.

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