Thursday, February 17

novel tea.

of late, something interesting cracked the mundaneness of life.

you know how you have family friends whom you only meet like twice a year if you guys are lucky? well, i happened to family-visit one of such acquaintances during chinese new year and met up with my 27yr-old family friend, (let;s call him UNO) and before dinner, I was also introduced to UNO'S very very obnoxious friend, BITEME.

BITEME is one who is malaysian-born but bred-and-educated in singapore (through the AC system, no less) and eventually packed his bags for LSE, before returning to kuala lumper to settle for good. throughout our conversation, he kept re-emphasizing how sheltered i was blah blah.. like how he cannot believe i have never rebelled aginst my parents, sneaked out of the house or gotten dead drunk before. then during dinner, he kept goverment-bashing singapore and our passive system, much to the intense displease of my elder sister and jimmy.

anyway fast-forward, what happen was UNO treated me to lunch on tuesday as a form of apology (hey, any excuse for a free good meal at sushi tei and baker's inn man!) and well, the food really did make up for the fact that UNO was trying to outwit and impress me all the time "nanotech is the in word..." hur hur...

and today, BITEME actually smsed me (no prizes from who he got my number from) *smirk

hmm, i think my life might be heading in a new direction where i actually get to interact with a different category of people.. this really ought to be interesting as really, what can be more intriguing than AC know know-it-alls in their late twenties who have only too much to say..

stay tuned.

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