Wednesday, February 2

drops of dopamine.

current state of mind and mood? happy. well more like contended and at peace with myself.. i must admit i have not felt this peaceful in a long while and it is pretty addictive. but it is like an egg shell, waiting to crack into a million pieces.. but well, heck it.

an update of my life- for the- less-well-infomed: *cough*wai*cough*
i am still yes, single and lovin' it. =) i am the treasurer for my tsunami relief efforts programme that is due for execution in june. i am on the dinner and dance committee of business committee. i am still dangling on my investment club. i am a total school spirit geek freak. i make sure my professors know me by sight, at least.

i am back to my sec2 obsesion with calories. i am still vain as hell and heliophobic to the core. i am crazy about boutique hotels like hotel1929 and scarlet hotel. my guilty pleasure happens to be pastries and i indulge heavily in milo kosong (aka milo minus milk and sugar) "it's so gooood" i only take butterscotch and pecan cookies from famous amos. oh, i am still totally into the amara hotel ban mian.

i hardly have time for my job at estivo anymore, so i guess the next time round i pop back will be to collect my paycheck. i am enamoured by cK's spring/ summer season. i am still put-off by the whole 'mini-skirt and flips' issue. i am boycotting levis due to their unethical practices. wonderful notebooks and mechanical pencils still make me go weak in the knees.

that's all folks.

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