Monday, February 14

allow me.

bad bad bad bad bad day.

ok, so what have i learnt today?
1. do not ever ever procrastinate otherwise you might end up cussing and swearing at just about everyone including your poor grandmother who feeds you like there is no tomorrow..
2. do get enough sleep as tiredness overlaps onto the next day.
3. over-worrying does not get you anywhere and worse still, causes you to flub in other areas.

it so ain't worth it!!!!!!!!!!

i do not remember what it feels like to lead a normal life. i cannot seem to recall what life had been before i got caught up with school or when i did not seem to mind mess or dirt. i went back to school on the third day of chinese new year, not for lessons, but just to revise my work. i even went back on sunday too. hitting the bedsheets only in wee hours of the night does not seem like a novelty anymore. i hardly spend time nor have my meals at home as i am always out by the time the midday sun and back only after my seven pm meetings. is this what university is all about? since when did it become an outlet for dogmatic feelings? i have forgotten what it feels like to have that warm-fuzzy- feeling actually. i have not felt peaceful for too long and my hearts tires from worrying too much. i am lost and i am not even half-way through this term.

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