Thursday, January 6


i was late for school today.
you got that right.
after more than a decade of my academic career, i was finally late for once and for a good 20mins too.
luckily, my professor was quite a sweetie, he actually gave his seat to me when i could not find one. haha.

what the hell was i thinking.
oh god, i such a dumba**. i must have been under alcoholic influences of a similar sort (must have been the rum and raisin gelato) when i bidded for MAND211 - Communication in China: Competencies and Strategies. well, seems like a mighty intelligent choice for the future right?

WRONG! as i have just checked the handouts and they are in M-A-N-D-A-RI-N. hua wen. gettit?

i.e i'm screwed this summer. thank you very much.

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