Monday, January 3

i'm pooped from the first day of school.

6.45 hours worth of non-stop insomnia-curbing seminars, not to mention the generous load of project work that we are to anticipate and prepare for within the next few months.. CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME WHY I WAS ACTUALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO SCHOOL?

on a more optimistic tone, i have a feeling this term can only get better. my current two project work teams (they actually consist of the same people haha) looks promising enough. i somehow have a better idea of what to expect or rather, achieve and well, ignorance cannot be used as a defense mechanism. well, like i have mentioned before- things can only get better.

i have also shed my hermit shell. well, that literally means i am actually smiling at most humans and not snarling down someone's neck. having said that, it is ONLY the first day of school so if you think i am about to win 'Miss Pearlies Shine' award, you better hold ya' horses

charl's crashing on friday! not before fetching ade and 1 to holland village for lunch of course. *beams in exhilaration. i sound soo smuggg and it's about time~!

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