Sunday, December 19

life is beautiful. if only.

there is only so much to blog about when you spend your weekend taking turns to lie on the bed, couch or or stay glued to the computer. right now, i am just waiting for charl to return so that i can re-live some of my good ol' days (as a certain miss lee w****n has chosen to numb her ass off on a 12hr ride to vermont instead of returning back to her sunny red dot on the map).

i am a born loner hmm, did not take a brain scentist to figure that one out but i do need company as well and i crave particularly for those i cannot obtain which is why i risk sounding like a sob-missus when it comes to charl and wai. sigh, i actually miss my younger sister too. think she might just get a shock reading this but i was just thinking of walking to dino for brunch and i realised apart from her, i just did not want to do it with anybody esle. i get so bored just thinking of who to ask out especially when it comes to those i have been in contact with. no offense but when i have to think realistically, i realised i only want to just meet up with my st nicks friends.

i was just thinking about who to call the other day and i practially veto-ed against more than half of my circle of 'friends.' it was either to tiring, too bothersome or too plain f-king nauseating to hang out with some people. i no longer reply smses that spell r-e-d-u--n-d-a-n-c-y and i choose not to hang out with too many people as i find it too much of a chore to act like a duracell bunny who has just had her batteries re-charged.

if you really wish to get onto my nerves this festive season you could
-ask about my hongkong trip.
why? 'cause honey, it is SOO lasssst week and i have AB-so-LUTE-ly no desire to sound like a broken tape recorder.
-act like me- yes, pout whine sulk when things do not go your way. you are a guy damnit! act like one or %^%^ off. disclaimer: this only applies to guys for they seem to possess a magical inclination to peeve the hell outta me by acting all girly.

well believe me, i am just as shocked as you are by the dark change in my behaviour. but i can't feel otherwise. am i looking forward to term2 of school? sure but this is only because i embrace the idea of having something to do, something to occupy my mind and absorb my energy.
wow, this is quite a long entry afterall.

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