Sunday, December 5

do you believe.

in no, NOT santa.. but PMS. having lived past a sensible age of 19, i was never fully aware of its reality and existence until i- or rather, my friends became victims of my perenial wrath.

i spent a good part of last night, awake lying in bed, thinking and picking out all the rotten injustical events i was made to endure. extremely nitty-gritty things like the issue of punctuality, people's strange quirks and WHY THEY CAN'T FRIGGING ADHERE TO MY WAYS.. things that i normally would have bothered much with but caused me such frustration and agnst at 3am in the morning.

which got me thinking- if much of the world was peeving the helloutta me.. shouldn't the problem lie with me instead?

*bulb of enlightment TING!*

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