Monday, November 29

YEP-your entertainment programme NOT.

i have decided to put my failed east timor yep trip behind and start afresh. yes, let bygones be bygones...

and just five minutes ago, i put my name down for YEP- Bhutan, Himalayas.

eh, you done with laughing yet?

muhd's open house party was great! the fantabulous food that included rendang and rose chicken.. plus the impeccable hospitality.. too-yummy-too-resist treats like the samosas and chocolate chip cookies which i insist, was not demolished by me!

but miss allegra persisted on peeving me by giving a rather graphic account of how fat she will get. and all this while i was sampling cookies by the jar. i mean it really is no big deal if someone esle does it- but she is practically a good half a head taller than me and almost half my size (you do the math).. i was seriously tempted to stuff a couple of cookies down her teeny-weeny esophageous before finally decided that it was a sin to waste such delectables.

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