Sunday, November 28

No Longer Stuffed! says:
speaking of which, we're having yellow rice (the type they serve at weddings), THREE types of sambal goreng, sambosa and roast chicken...

No Longer Stuffed! says:
there's more but I can't remember at the moment

no prizes for guessing who's gonna indulge in a malay feast worthy of any bruneien royalty tomorrow?

miss piggy woes.

once i took the deadly step forward, i knew almost at once there was no turning back- there was not nearly enough time to back down or jump off. unfortunately, it did not take long for the digits to flash right before me or reality to set in. i must admit i did expect the worst and what stared back maliciously before me only confirmed the sad truth...

that i have gained three kg.

after muhd's feast, no more m&s teackaes. no more teck kee paos. no more scones from dino and definately no more magnums and cornettos.. but can i keep the m&s digestives?

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