Saturday, November 27

heart you.

at the risk of sounding like some floozy 17 yr-old who managed to sneak past the burly bouncers in black outside zouk, i had a great time at zouk last wednesday. believe me, it does not yet qualify as FANTASTIC as for the first time in a while, two important people (smile, wai!) were missing from the dance floor. i had a lychee martini, which i accidentally spilled half on someone esle when mellie knocked into me (thankfully, my lychee was SAVED!) and two cups of ice water *for the ice.

here is the cruel truth. a bystander till wednesday night, i realised that clubbing really did provide the not-so-innocents with a false sense of intimacy, that thrives on the deluded. you might not be 'reaching out' for it, but when it is dangled in front of you beckoning to accept it- it is tough to say no.

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