Tuesday, August 13

Celebrating National Day

Why hello there! We just got off a fabulous (and fabulously hot) 4-day weekend, thanks to National Day. We kicked off the weekend with a trip to Jacob Ballas Children's Garden. Really lovely space though I think the boys would have preferred more play to “nature gazing.”

And yes, I deliberately twinned them. Last week, I spent a good 15 mins scrolling my own Instagram history and realised how much I love it when the boys twinned. Funny enough, they love wearing same outfits too.

In the evening, we had our parents over (both sides) and cooked up a decidedly un-Singaporean meal. I had major steak cravings and KW’s Wagyu MB4 never fails to delight.

I made a cold Sichuan noodle dish as I wasn’t in the mood to deal with fire (have I mentioned it had been fabulously hot?). It’s such a refreshing carbs dish that won’t weigh you down - unless you decide to have thirds. Sides-wise, we had our steaks with charred and crispy honey harrisa broccolini. Addictive!

To be honest, most of us didn’t even watch the parade even though it was playing in the background. But we did get patriotic with this lovely pear and yuzu birthday cake that my mother-in-law brought. The boys sang a birthday song and blew out the candles. We also wiped out a few durian and ondeh ondeh potongs.

Happy birthday, Singapore! There’s so much to gripe about (well, mainly the weather) but so much to love too x


Anonymous said...

The cake looks so yum and pretty and patriotic! May I know where is it from? Thanks!

yixiao said...

Hello! My MIL got it from Sensational Cakes 😊https://m.facebook.com/SensationalCakesOnline/photos/a.737322279708272/2427712307335919/?type=3&source=54