Thursday, November 8

The weekend Russell graduated

Last weekend, I attended my child's first ever graduation ceremony. The firstborn, Russell, has finally graduated from pre-school! While this might signal the end of an era, it's one of the many milestones I know he will go on to achieve. His class put on an awesome musical, which contained surprisingly mature content about war and children; and I felt myself get emotional at times, especially when he got up on stage to receive his certificate. Don't worry, I didn't embarrass anyone.

We had a simple dinner with both sets of grandparents - the folks who ferry him to and fro school (haha!). KW grilled up some hamachi collars (massive yums), while I made a roasted broccoli salad with chipotle sauce, mentaiko shirataki noodles and Russell's favourite clams in garlic butter sauce. We wrapped up the evening with a fruit cake and Russell attacked the chocolate plate before anyone else could get to it - well I guess it makes sense since we were celebrating him.

Happy graduation, my sweet xoxo

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