Friday, November 30

nomnomby Meals #1-3

I know how this post will read so in full disclaimer: As a non (and maybe even anti-) influencer, this post is neither sponsored nor am I affiliated with any of the merchants mentioned in this or subsequent posts. You can read all about nomnomby and Mealpal, and how they work on their website... I will just share what I ate.

I got to be honest. The reason why I even got onto nomnomby and Mealpal were the promo codes. It’s great for people who consistently spend more than $10 for lunch (not uncommon for CBD folks), are planners by nature, and don’t mind a modest repertoire of meals (though I’m sure the selection will widen in time to come). Now both companies are aggressively trying to expand their market share so I'm sure there will be more offers in the near future.

Salmon with Spinach, Tomatoes & Mixed Grain - Pimp My Salad

This was my first nomnomby meal and perhaps the most forgettable. The box was sitting around when I went to collect it; points for a hassle-free experience. Taste and portion-wise, it was rather blah. Not to mentioned the salmon was overcooked too in a I-need-a-glass-of-water-to-wash-this-down kind of way. I don't think I will get my salad pimped here anytime soon.

Tomato Sauce Omurice with Chicken Cutlet & Drink - OMU

Due to the rather healthy meal the previous day, moral licensing got the better of me and I went all for for this carby fried chicken meal. I Waited for a few minutes for my meal, which was great as that meant the meal was freshly made. Mighty yums but cue the food coma. This meal shall not be taken lightly

Thai Basil Chicken Rice with Fried Egg & Thai Milk Tea - Thai Affair (Millenia Walk)

This was really good too. I have never tried Thai Affair but they seem rather authentic. This Thai Basil Chicken was fiery, tamed suitably with a sweet Thai milk tea. On top of that, the fried egg was crispy and slightly oozy in the middle.


Anonymous said...

Try plumfood!

yixiao said...

Ah, they are mostly around Raffles Place... too far for mee!