Tuesday, July 10

Russell // 6 Years Old

My dear Russell, you are six today. Brimming with attitude, energy and intelligence.

 Parenting you is so easy and difficult at the same time. You constantly surprise us with your intellect yet challenge us with your range of emotions. Before kids, your horizon widens. During pregnancy, it’s your waistline that widens. After the child is born, it’s your heart that grows to accommodate the good, bad and not-that-lovable.

 I wrote how you are like a sponge and this year you went through the periodic table (memorising all 118 elements) and parade of US presidents (all 45 gentlemen). This year, you also found an interest in chess. Can you sense my awe and pride? I’ve to constantly remind myself you are more than just a vessel of facts and knowledge. To not invest my pride in your intellect but your loving spirit.

You are headstrong and competitive, supposedly cornerstones of your father’s childhood traits. Yet you are incredibly sensitive and sentimental - I guess you must have inherited that from your father as well. As the firstborn, you are saddled with the burden of “doing things” right so that your younger brother will learn by default. I must say, you wear the responsibility with incredible pride. I know it’s not easy navigating those very extreme emotions you experience, I’m admittedly not the most patient person around but with your Papa, we promise to help you through them.

I’m very envious of the bond Lucas and you share. I remember the Christmas card you wrote to him, how you held his hand when we sang his birthday song and share your snacks. Having a pesky little sibling isn’t something we all wish for, but I know and hope you will always have your brother’s back.

 Happy birthday, my darling. My firstborn.


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