Monday, June 18

Father's Day Lunch

Ah, how was your weekend? We celebrated Father's Day with a small do at our place since my in-laws had just returned from the US and we missed my mother-in-law's birthday too. Of course, there is always good reason to partake in some Wagyu MB4 steaks and I made vongole angel hair, my mother-in-law's favourite pasta.

I was most excited for the Chocolate Beetroot Cake that Russell helped me with. It's really good - totally Dish of the Month (DOTM)-worthy. I shall post the recipe soon. 

The glee on this boy's face is totally warranted. 


j said...

Hey do you mind if I ask where you normally get your clams for the Vongole? Any place in particular?

yixiao said...


Either the wet market or from Redmart or NTUC. Frankly speaking, we didn't fidn a discernable difference between fresh and frozen.

j said...

ah ok cool thanks :)